Our family business was founded in 1844 by Johann Stöhr Sen. in the Old Town of Moravia at the foot of the Altvater Mountains in the Kingdom of Bohemia/Moravia and further expanded by Johann Stöhr Jun.
Already at that time the best houses in Bohemia/Moravia and Austria were supplied.
After the war and subsequent expulsion, Helmut Stöhr laid the foundation stone for the resumption of his parents’ business in Oberrot in Württemberg.
Also his son Andreas Stöhr and grandson Daniel Stecher feel obliged to the family tradition now already in the fifth generation.
True to the motto: “Quality with tradition”, the noblest bee products, such as bee cosmetics, are lovingly manufactured according to traditional recipes.

ENNOBLED BY NATURE: As soon as it comes to high-quality products, the beehive in Württemberg occupies top positions nationwide. The tradition-conscious beekeeper has been based there for years and delivers its exquisite treasures to the nation’s most renowned houses. And if the famous star chef and TV star chef Johann Lafer gives honey to his gourmet creations, then it may well be possible that diligent bees from the Schloßwald-Bienengut have produced these. The beekeeping and research hive “Zum Hohen Gehren” (individual natural monument) of the beehive is, despite the technical progress, the artistic work of experienced and conscientious bee-keepers, based on an almost 170-year-old tradition. Several bee colonies collect the nectar and honeydew for their delicious honey in the red valley of the Limpurg mountains – the Tuscany of the north – on orchards and at forest edges. The bee fathers and employees of the Schloßwald bee estate are not limited to noble, high-quality bee cosmetics, excellent Glühwein-Kelter drops and honeys, but also all the finest confectionery such as honey chocolate, honey sweets … belong to the specialities of the estate. The beehive is at home on all product platforms of the world and is the figurehead of a centuries-old tradition – appreciated by connoisseurs! It combines the cultural and culinary aspect with that of the artistic aspect and is unique in the whole of Germany.