Royal Liqueur, with Royal Jelly

Finest egg liqueur – The exclusive speciality with real royal jelly for special moments from Schloßwald-Bienengut®.

Freshly whipped eggs from the farm are carefully refined with Black Forest kirsch, best cream and fresh royal jelly. Through this unique overall composition, you will experience the classic “egg liqueur” from a whole new perspective. The Royal liqueur convinces with elegance and character. A special feature of incomparable taste!

Enjoy this speciality of our house best iced. Whether pure, with cream topping or as the crowning glory of crêpes, creamy nut cakes, but also on an ice-cream sundae with vanilla, nut and brittle chips…: simply delicious!

Our personal favourite and tip for the cold season is the “hot granny”:
Warm 1/3 Royal Liqueur and 2/3 fresh whole milk while stirring constantly.
Serve in a heat-resistant glass with a cream-cinnamon cap and enjoy hot!

The Royal liqueur with 15 % vol alcohol is available in the classic “Flachmann” with 0.1 l or for larger occasions also in the elegant 0.5 litre bottle.

Dry, without incident light and at room temperature, this egg liqueur can be kept for two to three years. After opening, store in the refrigerator and use within two to three weeks.

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