PROPOLIX breath elixir

Soothing elixir for the respiratory organs according to the recipe of Schloßwald-Bienengut®.

Finest flower honey and natural propolis
in combination with selected intensive herbal oils of thyme, eucalyptus, juniper and Swiss stone pine.

It is the ideal companion in the cold season, when the airways are exposed to “wind & cold” outside and dry heating air in the living rooms.
Let a spoon of this elixir slowly melt on your tongue and the soothing formula will soothe the mucous membranes in your throat and pharynx. While the essential oils promote breathing and have a liberating effect, propolis – the hygiene guarantor from the bee colony – has a cleansing and disinfecting effect.

This natural product is suitable for “young & old” to take daily with irritated respiratory organs.

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