Royal Serum, with bee venom

Highly active anti-aging serum with real bee venom and 5-fold active ingredient complex from Schloßwald-Bienengut®.

Reactivates the elasticity of the skin and increases its firmness through micro-algae extract and flower extracts. At the same time, natural deep peptides accelerate the regeneration of the underlying tissue. Cell renewal is significantly increased by the epigenesis of the queen bee’s food. Natural bee venom reduces muscle contraction and promotes tissue circulation.

Royal Serum is a deep facial serum for daily use with an intensive 5-fold active ingredient complex. Gently patted into the stressed eye and forehead areas, it quickly absorbs into the skin layers and works into the depth. It not only increases the elasticity of the skin, but also rebuilds its structure over the long term with regular use and lets even tired skin areas shine again in a youthful complexion.

This exclusive natural cosmetic product is suitable for absolutely any skin before applying day or night care, as well as for multiple daily applications.

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