Spring blossom honey

Noble spring blossom honey from the orchard meadow from the house Schloßwald-Bienengut®.

hearty – fruity – tender

Flowering: meadow orchard, horse chestnut, robinia, meadow flowers, raspberry

Honey is as varied and lively as the landscape in which the bees fly:
In spring, when orchard meadows and pastures are located in the flight area of bees, a springtime
blossom honey with striking dandelion honey. Do the bees fly at the same time of the year in litter
obsgärten and Schlehenhecken , so a fine marzipan-like Steinobstaroma finds itself in the honey again. Yellow, fruity, creamy, hearty aroma.

The spring blossom honey is available in a 500g jar with an airtight “Twist-Off” lid.

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