Summer honey

Noble summer blossom honey from the house Schloßwald-Bienengut®.

tender – mild – sweet

colourful flowers: robinia, meadow flowers, raspberry, blackberry, lime tree

Spicy to sweet field and meadow honey of the summer season. It contains the concentrated power of spring and summer, which the busy bees have gathered throughout the warm season.
Knotty trees adorn themselves at the end of May with white fragrant flower clusters. The acacia, which is also called “false acacia” and botanically correct “robinia”, is a beautiful traditional tree and at this time gives the bees a light, lovely nectar. But also meadow flowers and horse chestnut give a delicate, fine and mild tasting aroma.

The summer blossom honey is available in a 500g jar with an airtight “Twist-Off” lid.

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