Cell Repairing Royal Cream

Revitalizing, and with the large variety of different ingredients from nature, probably the most exclusive face cream from the house Schloßwald-Bienengut®.

Bioavailable Q10, apple-fresh cells and a proportion of 3% royal jelly have an effect on the aging process.
the process of the skin. In a natural way, they promote cell regeneration and stimulate the cell division process.
Aloe vera extract, almond oil and cocoa butter, in order to
to name just a few other valuable and purely natural ingredients.

Cell Repairing Royal Cream draws because of its light texture, it quickly greases, greases
and provides up to 12 hours of moisture. She pampers you with the pleasant scent of orange.
Even when applied, it ensures an even complexion and prevents skin irritations caused by environmental factors as well as contamination of the pores. This natural cosmetic product is suitable for all skin types as a day and night cream.

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